Research & Development

RAFAYAT GROUP has a dedicated R&D Department comprising of Fashion Designers, Knitting & Dyeing Experts, Washing Experts, Effect Creators & Textile Engineers. Our Team participates in national & interna- tional training/seminar and sources new design & innovation and also goes through Market Surveys, Study, Research & Analysis for Development of Fabrics, Embellishment, Dye, Wash & Styles. We maintain a blending of old and young blood so that old & new ideas are nicely mingled to produce trendy, cost- effective & unconventional products of different yarn, fabric, structure, washing, embroidery, design and styles. 60% – 80% of our development is chosen by our customers. Our Team innovates over 1000 crea- tions with fabric, fabric print, embroidery, wash and others per year.